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Teach Spelling the Fun Way!

Decodable readers for teaching confusing spelling patterns.

Decodable Orthographic Mapping Resources

Learn spellings with a fun story. These resources help you remember focus words of various spelling patterns through association with a fun story line. Learners remember the engaging story, helping them recollect the right spelling every time.

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Vowel Team Series

/ā/ – ai & ay

Train Trip To The Bay

/ō/ – oa, ow

King Toad and Mr Crow

/ū/ & /o͞o/ – ue

A Rescue at Green Avenue & A Party for the True Hero

Remember spellings through fun stories with wacky characters. Each resource covers focus words with a specific spelling pattern.
More Books

Flash Cards

2 sets of printable flashcards
for all focus words.

Board Games

Bingo, Snake & ladder
Race to the top, 4 in a row

Fun Printable Resources for Additional Practice

All books in the vowel team series come with free printable flash cards and game boards. Read the stories with your students and have fun playing the accompanying games while  reinforcing the spellings of focus words.
Through repetition watch your child grow confident with their spellings.

Flash Cards

2 sets of printable flashcards
for all focus words.

Board Games

Bingo, Snake & ladder
Race to the top, 4 in a row

Free Orton Gillingham resource library

A library of downloadable engaging board games and flash cards for each stage of the OG scope and sequence.
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What people say about us

Making life easier for dyslexia
by TheloniousMac - May 15, 2021
I love the way that you have broken the words down into syllables. Many children with dyslexia have difficulty using their auditory discrimination skills to listen to syllables, so the way that they are visually presented here, I believe will be very helpful. I particularly love the way that you use colour to accentuate the visual patterns of the phonics. This is wonderful to help children's visual memory, so they can transfer this knowledge to both reading and spelling experiences. The way that you have taught suffixes through the story will be very useful to me, as this is what we are working on at the moment. The graphics are colourful and simple, I'm sure the animations will appeal to children whose attention can be easily distracted. The use of environmental print, for example "train station" encourages children to be aware of print in everyday life, I'm liking the integrated way that irregular are used at the bottom of the page, this enables a teacher or parent to play matching games, or simple identification in games like eye spy. The display of words before the story begins, allows the adult to practice some rapid naming speed games with children, and it also allows for them to gain exposure of the words before, during and after reading. The printable games that you offer at the end, I'm sure will be excellent in reinforcing the ai, ay sounds. The suggestions that you have made to help children spell and read successfully, in a clear and integrated way for busy carers is commendable.

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